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Astronaut Space Suits, Space Shirts, Flight Suits, Flight Jackets & Patches, NASA astronaut flight suits and costumes.
Our Space Suits are a must for the museum or collector.
 Dress like an astronaut with our stylish Flight Jackets and
Shirts for Kids and Adults.

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What's Your Mission?

For the Collector, Museum or Science Center, Space Toys can meet all of your Space Exploration needs. At the Space Toys space shop we specialize in bringing you the highest in quality NASA toys, science toys and replicas. For birthday parties, school presentations or just plain fun.


Space Globes, Science Kits, Space Food

Space Stuff, Glow in the Dark, Globes, Science Kits, Gizmos, Food and More Stars & Planets, Black Lights, Stickers and Plastic Stars that Glow in the Dark. The Moon, Earth, Mars, Venus and even Floating Globes.  Chocolate Chip Astronaut Ice Cream and rocket candy also make great treats. Mars mud, mars sand and other fascinating Gizmos and Gadgets for birthday parties, education and inspiration..

Space Shuttle Era Toys, Replicas, Posters

Space Shuttle Era Toys, Replicas, Posters and Models for the astronaut in us all.
High quality replicas for NASA space collectors or museums.  Space Shuttles with boosters or without. We even have models you build and paint

High Quality Desktop Aircraft Replicas

High Quality Desktop Aircraft Replicas Civilian, Commercial, Army, Navy, Marines, Helicopters, Historical, Experimental and More. High quality commercial, experimental and civilian aircraft. Great gifts for pilots or collectors.

Space Toys, Apollo Toys, Ultimate Saturn V Rocket

Apollo Era Toys, Replicas, Posters and Models The Apollo Era Missions: Astronauts, Lunar Landers, Saturn V Rockets and Capsules inspire science and promote education and create the astronaut of the future. Everyday we offer new products to our customers, everything space related from Space Mission Book Bags, to full scale Space Shuttles. We are the biggest retailer of space related items in the world!!!

You can call your order in Monday-Friday 9-3 EST 616-726-7744

Space Toys is your space shop. We have the space toy for you.

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